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CNC Simulator Pro !LINK!

FANUC Hardware Simulators gives your team the opportunity to learn and troubleshoot without affecting productivity. Offline CNC simulators let machine operators, programmers, and maintenance/engineering personnel learn new skills, test new approaches and troubleshoot existing programs without taking a machine out of production. CNC hardware simulators are a fraction of the cost of using production equipment and come in several configurations to match your production machines, including:

CNC Simulator Pro

Download Zip:

The 19" Horizontal CNC simulator supports 30i, 0iF and PMi controls with a 19" iHMI LCD or Panel-i display and is precut for a QWERTY style MDI panel, main B operator panel or safety operator panel type B.

The Beta-i Servo Simulator provides 3-axis motion simulation so manufacturing engineers and maintenance personnel can visualize servo movement produced by their part program. The simulator may also be used to learn servo parameter setup and enhance servo motor tuning skills.

The Fanuc CNC Simulator is specifically designed for use in schools and colleges and is a fantastic learning resource. This software is based on the Fanuc Series 0i Model F platform and can be used for simulating both milling and turning operations. It uses actual Fanuc CNC control functions and is an ideal way for students to become familiar with the look and functionality of a fully operational CNC control. The Fanuc simulator has a conversational programming interface through which you can graphically generate programs you can then simulate in 3D. You can then convert the code back to conventional NC programs for use on machine tools with Fanuc controls.

This solution is designed for professionals and student training and has some nice features that make it particularly useful for educational settings. For example, teachers can set faults that students are then tasked with finding, and results can easily be viewed through the SSMAC server. It supports Fanuc, Siemens, and NHC systems and can be used to simulate both milling and lathe operations. It uses both 2D and 3D graphics to provide detailed displays of numerical control system operations, fault detection, electrical system functioning principles, and more. This is far more than just a simulator, however, as it also has CAD capabilities, including rendering and modeling, so that you can create designs and then simulate the machining process.

HE'S NO DUMMY: NURSING STUDENTS PRACTICE ON PATIENT SIMULATOR - In what could be the start of a unique partnership in health care, a new "man on campus" has arrived on the Regis College campus. He is the Sim-Man patient simulator, a $50,000 human-like robot that has vital signs, can go into cardiac arrest, be treated for pneumonia, appear to be pregnant (as a woman, of course), groan and talk. 041b061a72


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