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737 Pilot In Command Evolution 2D Panel Upgrade (FS2004)

in support of the 1st abct's training at ntc, the cscb plans to develop and provide the following services to the brigade:

737 Pilot in Command Evolution 2D Panel Upgrade (FS2004)

  • determine the brigade's requirements in regard to the aircraft and panel upgrade.

  • provide an assessment of the current panel configuration and determine if it is functional.

  • develop a concept of operations to provide the command with a baseline of mission capability.

  • provide mission planning and coordination for the 1st abct training cycle.

  • provide training resources, support and planning for the 1st abct training cycle.

  • assist the 1st abct with the development of mission requirements for tactical operations with the cscb.

prior to the start of the first abct and subsequent pcts, all bct, brigade and division cyber operations and training plans will be developed in concert with the army's top leaders and the joint requirements oversight council (jroc). the jroc will be chaired by the chief of the army cyber command.

on my first flight of the 737 evolution 2d panel i discovered that the landing gear lights were not working. this is a known bug that is fixed in the latest version. i also tested out the new version and discovered that the auto-dimming of the panels does not work.

the low weather minimums for certain airports can be hard to predict from the wind that you are used to, so you need to carefully plan your approach, always keeping the winds in mind. when you are flying a b737, the aircraft has a maximum ceiling of 12,000 ft, and a wind tolerance of +15/-15 knots at the airport. the fmc fly-by-wire system permits the pilot to determine the position of the centre-of-gravity and the dynamic stability margin of the aircraft. this information is then used to calculate the aoa (angle of attack) and the power required to maintain the aircraft's speed and altitude. the fmc fly-by-wire system is the most advanced flight control system used in commercial aviation. it is designed to manage the entire aircraft and its flight characteristics, from trim to flight control. the aircraft can be flown manually, or automatically, or with the help of the autopilot, just like any other aircraft. the flight controls allow the pilot to operate the aircraft in three modes: autopilot, manual flight and mode.


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