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Home Street - Dream House Sim APK: A Game for House Design Enthusiasts

Home Street is an authentic simulation where players get to build a virtual life while having fun with numerous friends in extensive activities. The game also emphasizes the building element, where players can build, decorate, and renovate everything inside their dream house with unique and dazzling furniture or anything they like.

You may make some alterations to an existing home, or you could start from scratch and build the house of your dreams! The game features in-depth house-building gameplay with numerous elements and content. Create a new home that is uniquely yours by having it built to your specifications. Unlock great items, construct a breathtaking outside place, and create a kitchen with ample space. Get new stuff for your house, build new rooms, and expand your lavish life to new heights with your dream house.

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Home Street is a fun and exciting life simulation game where players can freely build and design their dream home. You can also make friends and experience a colorful life. Do you love designing games and want to build your own house? Download Home Street now!

It is a Supersolid game that gives users a home decoration experience effortlessly. The game combines real-life simulation and tough challenges, where you can build your dream home and become the person you want and live in a world full of surprises. Your primary tasks are to design your dream world in the perfect town, live next door to friendly neighbors, and create your own story with Home Street!

From the money earned from trading, you can use them to buy decorative items in your home. The interior system of Home Street is not inferior to The Sim. They are stable enough to meet your desire to build a home of your dreams. Home Street is a lighter version of The Sim on mobile devices. Although it follows the gameplay that simulates social life, this game gives players a novel experience compared to other games of the same genre.

Your dream home comes to life thanks to a series of meticulously designed movements. There, your digital version is planting trees in the garden, a group of BBQ stoves, carefully folding your clothes, or leaning back on the sun lounger and enjoying a peaceful nap.

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The principal tasks are to create your own dream home, expand and customize the house to meet your various needs, collect hundreds of designs, equipment, and items, decorate your home, play with new pets, sing karaoke, and enjoy a hot bath. Watching big-screen TV and other activities await you. And the choices are unlimited!

In the game, you will play a role as a designer and help a family innovate their house. To do that, solve a series of puzzles from easy to difficult and customize and decorate your dream home with beautiful decorations. Customers are counting on you with the belief that you will help them refurbish the house as desired.

And among them, the design profession, especially the home design, grows more brilliantly thanks to the help of A.I. Players will play the role of a junior designer with a powerful passion for designing houses and rooms for the people in this city. With the help of individual high-tech, the journey to becoming a successful designer officially begins.

Home Street is an amazing game that gives you the capability to create your dream home, start a new life in a friendly neighborhood, create your own story, start your home design, and decorate your career. Install Home Street MOD APK and enjoy another world today!

Published by Supersolid, Home Street is suitable for players who are aspiring interior designers and wish to create their dream homes. It is also a perfect game for people who want to pass the time or looking for a great game to play when bored.

Both The Sims and Home Street encourage players to create a character and then move them into a new home in the city. Both games feature life simulation elements; players can buy furniture, floors and rooms to customize their houses and characters. Players can also buy clothes, tables, chairs and more; these items can be unlocked as the player levels up in the game. Additionally, both games feature in-game currency that players can use to purchase these items. In this game, the player must construct a house and character as well. Additionally, the player must afford daily necessities such as food, drink and shopping by working through jobs. This is possible by earning money and EXP through neighbors. Items in a house can be manipulated through the selection menus. This is done by dragging the mouse cursor over an item until a list of options appears. Different operations can be performed depending on what is being selected; for instance, dragging an object will bring up an options menu for moving or editing the selected item. This gives players complete control over their environments and makes it easy to understand.

Because this house already has a concrete foundation, you can use the materials at your disposal to convey the message that you live in this home. You can decorate with only simple items or even add new rooms to the house. You can use your artistic eye and patience to create a good home aesthetic. Also, you can successfully interior design and make a home layout. This is the part of a home that people outside of it will judge its owner by. Home shouldn't just provide a place to live; it should provide comfort. Art is one thing, but the feelings of well-being linked to the home are an entirely different story. Homeowners who want to wash off the day's work wish for a hot tub that provides relaxing, sensual stimulation. Following that, they could watch interesting TV with a laptop or enjoy their high-quality speakers' music. People who visit her home would be impressed by how hard she worked.

Step by step, perfect your favorite house through the game Home Street. You will transform into the owner of your own house and build everything yourself. Your task is to build your dream house next to a busy road. And this will make the future enjoyable if you successfully create the home. But building a place to live will not be easy, and you need to take it step by step. Construction quests will make building fun and also help you grow. Start shaping your home and create your favorite living environment.

You have fulfilled your construction dream when entering an entirely new open world. There are many lands here, and you can immediately start construction. And you enter the new world to create a home based on your design. This will be where you call home and do activities with your neighbors. However, to get a complete house, you must take steps to build. Your home will be made to your style, and you can edit everything. Explore house-building activities and complete quests to get your own house.

Your life in the construction world has begun, and you must build your own house. You have started to make your home on a large piece of land worldwide. Your home needs to be planned appropriately and, importantly, still to your liking. You can build a prominent place to enjoy with friends when meeting. Or your house may be just big enough to sustain your living. Your home must also be built to serve business activities and make money. Build your new life in your favorite home and use it for your purposes.

The construction of the house has begun, and you have to show off your architectural abilities. This world will have the tools for you to start creating your home. So you need to use the house you built to show your personality to everyone. The design of the house can be freely decorated but should not appear too much. Others can only see the outside of the house; inside is the space you live in. So you must not focus on the work outside the house but take care of the inside. Complete your home from scratch with designs that reflect your personality.

When you start a new life in the construction world, you will be satisfied with your dream of building a house. This place allows you to own the land named after you, and you can do anything. And you decide to make yourself a fancy home to integrate into the new world. You will begin to design the place from the outside to the inside. The outside works will be arranged according to your liking, and so will the interior. But it would be best to be friendly with the neighbors to have an even more bustling life. Download Home Street mod to complete your favorite house and start your new life.

Description: Home Street Dream House Design - a beautiful and sophisticated life simulator made in the spirit of the Sims. Players can design, build and furnish their own homes, communicate with other players who have become their neighbors, and just have fun with one of the many activities. You can also do tasks that bring nice bonuses and new opportunities. Fans of the genre are strongly encouraged to take a look at this project. Features: * Design your dream home, decorate your home, or do a full renovation! * Home Street is like no other house game! Create and customize your Sim character! * There is always someone there for you in your dream home! * Participate in events with new and exciting themed home design decorations and outfit selections! * Experience a Life Sims house game like never before and help your friends turn the house and design houses

Home Street is a chic life simulator in the spirit of the iconic Sims, but with modified qualities and functionalities. Superb graphics, a scalable isometric camera, a construction using a large number of elements in a variety of categories, character customization, the possibility of obtaining a job for those who have always dreamed and much more awaits fans of the genre . But the main characteristic is of course that it implements the social aspect. Meet people from all over the world, chat, make friends and have a good time together. Supersolid offers you a whole new house design and real simulation game where you can build the house of your dreams, be who you want to be, and bring it to life in a city built on friendship! Design the life of your dreams in the perfect city with the perfect home! Live in a city alongside your neighbors and create your story with Home Street!


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